Milk shake Smoothies Conditioning Semi Permanent Color is a delicate ammonia-free color that leaves hair shiny and rich pigments. Ideal for lightening natural base, intense highlights, hiding first gray hairs, and for making existing color uniform or refreshed.

Contains: Organic Honey, Organic Sunflower Oil. Integrity 41, Milk Proteins


Looking for shine, hydration, and longer lasting color? Try a COCKTAIL


*Refreshes and Intensifies your hair color while conditioning

*5-10 minutes process

*Ammonia Free

*Average color duration is 8-10 hair washes using specific products.


Creative Permanent Color has a conditioning and protective cosmetic base to maintain hair integrity and condition the hair shaft, while protecting the scalp and the hair during the color process.  this formula has a high percentage of concentrated pigments to guarantee long-lasting perfect gray coverage, intense tones, shade control, and vibrant shiny hair.


* SLES free formula without the SLES surfactant, studied for a more delicate washing phase * protective UV filter * paraben free formula * pleasant honey fragrance.