Ready for low maintenance, beautiful hair color served with an amazing experience?

  Not only have I built my entire business around helping you keep the grey away and love your color all year round, but also making sure you are equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to take care of your hair at home with styling techniques and proper hair care specifically tailor for you!
 I've created the perfect space just for you to love your hair not only when you leave the salon, but all the way until your next visit with me!

So you want to love your hair color and style but maybe...

* you do not want to visit the salon every 4-6 weeks* You've tried a "balayage" or "lived in" color but it was not what you where envisioning

* you don't have the education to style your hair in a way that fits your busy life style

* you don't have a stylist who makes you feel listened to and understood

but by...
commiting to a hairstylist that has built their business and techniques around low maintenance hair color, you will be in the hands of someone who has the solutions to all things holding you back from loving your hair color, all the time.
Make sure to review my Service Menu to get a good expectation of what your investment may look like and what all is included in your service
Upon approval, you will receive an email with instructions on how to book an appointment with me.
Fill out a short form where you will explore your hair history and goals.
At this point you will be set up with a reservation for your service, feeling confident in our plan moving forward!
*These packages include a haircut. All price are subject to change*